Floating Mats

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floating mat with dogs
floating mat with kids
  • Model: Floating Mats
  • Dimesions: 5.5M x 1.85M x 0.03M
  • Colour: Lime Green / Orange (as first image)
  • Capacity: 6 people or 300Kg

The Floating Mat: Ultimate, Unsinkable platform for you and all your friends! The Floating Mat is perfect for relaxing on the water and a great place to bond with your dogs. Floating mats are sturdy enough for the kids to run and jump and carry on as only kids and the young at heart can do at the Beach. Raft-ups add more fun and even dancing competitions on floating mats are now in vogue. Great to use off the stern of your boat as well as a lazyboy on the front deck.


Price: Php25,000

Location: Subic Bay, Philippines




Aleth: +63 998 866-1949



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