Marine Equipment For Sale


Raymarine Autopilot (Wheel Pilot) For Sale

  • Model: Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Wheel Pilot
  • Application: complete autopilot solution for wheel-steered sailboats
  • Condition: as new


Price: Php27,300

Location: Subic

Solar Charge Controller For Sale OutBack MX60 MPPT

  • Product: Outback MX60 MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Usage: allows the use of a higher input PV array voltage with a lower battery voltage
  • Origin: Australia
  • Benefits: reduces cable size and power loss; maximize the performance of your PV system


Price: Php16,000

Location: Subic

Zoomland Solar Inverter 1KVA

  • Model: 1KVA Solar Inverter
  • Make: Zoomland
  • Output: 220VAC 60 Hz

Price: Php12,500

Location: Subic Bay

Zoomland Solar Inverter 3KVA

  • Model: 3KVA Solar Inverter
  • Make: Zoomland
  • Output: 220VAC 60 Hz

Price: Php20,000

Location: Subic Bay

Phono Solar Panels 190W

  • Make: Phono Solar
  • Capacity: 190W
  • Weight: 15Kg
  • Dimensions: 1580mm x 808mm x 35mm

Price: Php5,000

Location: Subic Bay

Yanmar SD20 Saildrives For Sale SOLD

Yanmar SD20 Saildrives For Sale
Yanmar SD20 Saildrives details
  • Yanmar SD20 Sail Drives
  • As-New condition


Price each: Php70,000

Location: Subic Bay

Solas Inflatable 6 Person Liferaft SOLD

Solas Liferaft
  • Model: Solas Inflatable
  • Make: Shanghai Star Rubber
  • Capacity: 6 persons
  • Last Service: 19 May 2016
  • Extras: Stainless Deck Rack

Price: Php59,000

Location: Subic Bay


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